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The BBC is a broadcaster, not a camera manufacturer, however the BBC Research Deptartment has made a few "specials" to test out the potential of new developments and ways of working.


BBC Research Dept. Emitron Television Camera

Emitron camera
c. 1948-9
EMI Emitron tube
Variable line rate, developmental

BBC Optical test bench for tube testing

Optical Bench camera
C. 1948-9
Various tubes for testing
Laboratory equipment

Television Camera with a single lens optical viewfinder

"Single lens optical viewfinder" camera
c. 1948
Midget Super Emitron tube
Studio monochrome, developmental

BBC experimental robotic camera

Experimental based on peto Scott cam.
Studio monochrome

BBC News remote control television camera

Robotic camera
1 inch Vidicon
Studio monochrome

BBC Television Service Universal Zoom Camera

Folded zoom camera
4.5 inch Image Orthicon
Studio monochrome

BBC BA10/501 Slide Scanner

BBC BA10/501 Slide scanner
1971, August
3 x Photomultipiers
Studio colour


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