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The BBC is a broadcaster, not a camera manufacturer, however the BBC Research Deptartment has made a few "specials" to test out the potential of new developments and ways of working.


BBC Research Dept. Emitron Television Camera

Emitron camera
c. 1948-9
EMI Emitron tube
Variable line rate, developmental

BBC Optical test bench for tube testing

Optical Bench camera
C. 1948-9
Various tubes for testing
Laboratory equipment

Television Camera with a single lens optical viewfinder

"Single lens optical viewfinder" camera
c. 1948
Midget Super Emitron tube
Studio monochrome, developmental

BBC News remote control television camera

Robotic camera
1 inch Vidicon
Studio monochrome

BBC Television Service Universal Zoom Camera

Folded zoom camera
4.5 inch Image Orthicon
Studio monochrome

BBC BA10/501 Slide Scanner

BBC BA10/501 Slide scanner
1971, August
3 x Photomultipiers
Studio colour

Unknown model

Awaiting more information

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