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Bosch KCA-100 Television Camera

Bosch KCA-100 Television Camera
The Bosch KCA100 did offer a fibre optic cable as an option.

The fibre add-on adaptors had part numbers of K-102.08.07 and K-110.06.20. The cable had a part number of K-110.07.25 with 6dB/km attenuation.

There are a great number of add-ons listed!

It gives the fibre cable as:- 5mm dia. 20Kg/Km, range 4Km, and 50mm min bending radius.. It goes on to describe two FM subcarriers on 11 & 12MHz. that are detected at the receiving end by an avalanche photodiode. Camera status and commands are transmitted in vertical blanking. Two low loss graded index cores are used within a plastic coated camera cable.

The brochure is copyright 1980 and I have an advert/announcement date in Wireless World of Dec 1979 on page 95.