Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

The complete Channel was called the KCU-40, there were individual numbers for the various parts.

Page 01 The camera cable side tilting downwards.
Page 02 Camera showing script holder & OB viewfinder hood.
Page 03 Camera rear showing pre set controls.
Page 04 Front and rear view of camera with lens controls.
Page 05 The inside view of the PCBs cable side.
Page 06 The inside view of the tube side with the scanning yokes.
Page 07 Close up of one of the scanning yokes with the head amplifiers.
Page 08 The Master control panel.
Page 09 The CCU and PSU crates with some boards on extenders.
Page 10 Four cameras in the Bosch Fernseh family.
Page 11 The camera in Winter!
Page 12

E-Mails received; Memories of working with Fernseh cameras.

Camera sales Brochure (catalogue) An early version of the brochure.

Period Advert Extolling the virtues of the "YRG" system.

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