Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Bosch KCU-40 broadcast television camera

Bosch KCU-40 The inside view of the PCBs on the camera cable side.
There are quite a lot of electronics in the camera head, as a function of the reduced number of cores in the camera cable. Many cores had more than one function.

Co-ax 1 carried the Y (white) luminance type signal as base band video.
Co-ax 2 carried the Red signal as base band video plus Blue signal on a 15Mhz AM carrier.
Co-ax 3 carried viewfinder & sync, plus 3 audio and intercomm channels on carriers.

A full description of the camera is given in an interview by Hans Groll published in International Broadcast Engineer, April 1970 pages 130-133.

This picture is courtesy of M. Van der Smeede and is of his restored camera.