Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

EMI 201 Television Camera CCU front & rear views

EMI 201 Television Camera CCU type 211 front & rear views

This is the CCU for the EMI 201 camera, all the CCU circuitry and power supply is contained in the one case. The camera could be operated from the CCU front or the main operational controls could extended to a remote control panel by a cable connected to the large brown connector on the rear of the CCU. The silver connector in the CCU rear centre is the BICC Mk4b connector that goes to the camera. The two large gray controls either side of the meter on the CCU front are the lift and target voltage controls. On the 201 there was no provision for remote control of the lens iris. The CCU case has "clips" on all eight corners so that they could stack together and attach to a mounting plate.

This particular CCU is triple standard 405/525/625 lines. The 4 concentric knobs above the meter control centring and widths for the different standards (405 & 525/625). The standard selection switch is to the top right.

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