Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

EMI 1936 control room equipment

The control room equipment, monitor, "Racks" and 1936 Camera
The 3 19" bays of control equipment for the Emitron camera, this is were the term "Racks" is thought to have originated. Note the camera cable in the lower left corner.


Both the Emitron and the Super Emitron suffered from shading (an effect similar to lens vignette or portholing, but much more pronounced and unpredictable) and spurious signals. Correction waveforms had to be added to the picture signal to attempt to alleviate the shading. These waveforms were called "Tilt and Bend" and required frequent adjustment. Additionally because the electron gun that produced the beam that scanned the target was to the side a distortion know as "keystone distortion" also had to be corrected.

The Black plate at the top of the middle rack says "Marconi-EMI television Co. Ltd."