Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

EMI Emitron long necked television camera tube

EMI Emitron long necked television camera tube
On the left is the "hard to photograph" EMI Emitron England identification.

On the right is another Emitron tube with a noticeably larger bulb at the rear.
It may be that at that early stage they were all individuals! Also note the scan coils are in place in this picture, ready to have the clamp closed see image #8.

A major consideration in the design of the scan coils was the reduction of the scanning power needed as the scanning generators were remote from the camera. On page 2 the conical constriction of the tube neck can be seen and the saddle type coils were close to the beam to obtain maximum efficiency of deflection. The chief disadvantage of this coil is that it has to be assembled in place on the tube neck and owing to the constricted neck, the electron gun alignment is critical.


These two pictures courtesy of the Alexandra Palace Television Society