Welcome to the virtual Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

The objective of this site is to record and document the history, technology and development of broadcast television cameras. The images and data within are drawn from the cameras and photographs in my collection and the collections of other supporters of the museum. It is hoped that this site will become a valuable reference source.

The museum is a long way from finished and I will be adding new cameras and information as and when I can, I intend to work on European and American television cameras first. There are many pages that are incomplete with gaps and omissions.

Like most museums, were their collections are mostly "in storage", my collection which supports the museum is entirely
"in storage" and the museum is a virtual one that exists in cyber space. However this does have advantages:-

It means that I am, or will be, able to display everything.

Admission is Free!

The Museum is open 24/7

The collection is preserved in good condition for the future

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New additions :-

WF CP-35 TV Kamera

The WF, Werk für Fernmeldewesen, camera range added.
4 camera models with pictures.

Added February 2018

CEI 270 TV camera

CEI (Commercial Electronics Incorporated) camera range added.
9 models with pictures and brochures.

Added January 2018

RCA TK 10A TV camera

RCA TK-10A and TK-30A camera pictures added 9 new pages.

With pictures of a restored and working camera.

Added October 2017

EMI 203 TV camera

Re-work of EMI 203 pages now with 20 pictures and an Index page.

Completely new section on Surviving Cameras.

Added December 2016

RCA TK-40 & TK41 TV camera

Pictures added for the RCA TK-40, TK-40A & TK-41 color cameras

Also additional images for some of the other cameras in the RCA range.

Added December 2016

EMI 3 lens CPS Emitron vintage TV camera

EMI 3 lens CPS Emitron camera + rework of pages and new pictures.

EMI 4 lens CPS Emitron camera + rework of pages and new pictures.

Added July 2016

RCA Hawkeye dockable TV Camera

RCA Hawkeye HC-1 early dockable camera. RCA List

Also the RCA Hawkeye HC-2, RCA CCD-1 first broadcast CCD TV Camera

Added March 2015

Philips LDK5 TV Camera

Philips LDK 5 Triax camera, 22 new pictures.

uploaded Sept 2015 -- updated Dec. 2015

Thomson TTV-1530 Tv camera

Thomson TTV-1530 & TTV-1532 Colour Cameras.

Marconi V327 CCTV camera

Marconi V327 High reliability CCTV Camera.

Philips PC-60 vintage TV camera

The Philips - Norelco PC80 Colour Camera.

A re-work of the existing page with new photographs and a photogallery section.

EMI BC.601 vintage CCTV camera

The EMI BC.601A CCTV camera.

Not strictly a broadcast camera, but an interesting early example of reducing the size of the camera by the "local amplifier box" principle. Sometimes used as a caption camera.

Ampec BCC-2 TV camera

The Ampex BCC-2 Eng-production portable colour camera.

New range of 15 pictures, brochure and datasheet

PhilipPye Graduate TV Camera

The Pye (Philips) Graduate Educational monochrome camera.

Ampex CC-452 TV Camera

The Ampex CC-452 Educational monochrome camera.

Marconi BD848 Vintage colour camera

The Marconi family of studio colour cameras using Image Orthicon tubes :-

Experimental model based on MkII camera parts using 2 tubes.
Experimental model based the RCA TK-41 camera using 3 tubes.
BD848 studio colour camera, second version
B3200 studio colour camera, third version (pictured)

Marconi Monoscope BD665

Marconi Monoscopes :-

The Marconi BD665 monoscope testcard camera.
The tubes it used tubes.
Restoration and in use article.
The portable version BD617B


Recent additions :-

early 1934 RCA camera Early RCA cameras added 1933, 1934, 1936, 1939, 1940

RAI Image Orthicon cameraRAI camera, more information is sought for this camera.

RAI portable TV camera RAI portable monochrome camera c.1970

LDK15 cameraThe Philips LDK15 and LDK15L plus other improvements to the philips listing.

EMI 206 CameraThe EMI 206 and 207 solid state Image Orthicon cameras

Pye TV camera type 84 2018A very early Pye type 842018 closed circuit TV camera c. 1952 - 1956

EMI standard Emitron Televsion Camera A major update of the EMI Emitron camera range 1934 to 1938. New and improved pictures. Index list

EMI CPS Emitron The 1948 Olympic television cameras page is here!


There is a lot of information and pictures on this site and over the years the style of the pages has evolved. I have not re-created
the older pages as I feel that my time is better spent adding new camera information. Content over style!

Outline of site navigation :-

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The camera at the top left is a Pye Mk4 and top right a Norelco PC60

The monitor is a Pye grade 1 type 84 2780, 405 line from the mid 1950s

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Camera Sections :-

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    General Electric (GE)
    GPL (unfinished)

Special Sections :-

History :-

This history list is no longer maintained, but what is here should still work:-

March 2013
Extra pictures added to the pye 84 2026 camera section.
EMI 206 & 207 cameras added .

February 2013
Marconi MkIV Brochure

January 2013
Pye 1952 CCTV camera type 842018 added.
Soviet KT-116 camera added.
Extensive updates the the
EMI Emitron sections

December 2012
Additions to Bosch KCF-1 camera and brochure.

October 2012

Improvements to the BTS LDK90 brochure

August 2012
Marconi Mk VIIp B3250 portable camera added.
Marconi V321 camera pages extended
Pye Cambridge Staticon added
July 2012
Pye 84-4097 Stabilising Amplifier
Bosch TYB camera added

May 2012
EMI 3 lens camera (1948) added

April 2012
Bosch KCF-1 camera added

Feb 2012
Bosch KCU-40 Added
Philips LDK13 updated

Jan 2012
Additions to the PC-60 pages
Extra pictures of the Marconi Instruments OA1706 camera
Additions to the Harris-Gates pages.
Updates to EMI Pages

Dec 2011
Philips LDK1 added,
Philips experimental colour
Bosch KCA 100 brochure

Nov 2011
BTS LDK910 Pictures and brochure added.
BTS LDK300 & 500 Pictures and brochures added.

Oct 2011
BTS LDK91 Brochure added
Dage 320 Circuit added
KCH 1000 Brochure added
LDK 9000 Picture added


Thomson HD-1250 added
RCA TK-760 added
Philips LDK 26 added