A Trillion IVC 7000p on a shoot     
A Trillion IVC 7000p on a shoot
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A closer look at the then new 7000P parked outside the castle. The PA, Kay kept the cameras safe while we were at a production meeting in the van.

The Trillion logo was black letters on a garish orange background.

Robin Stonestreet writes in his email;

I have had a bit of time for a quick walk around the museum, I would like to supply a bit of information about Trillions cameras in 1981.
I worked for Trillion video for a few months during 1981, in particular I remember being at the Hilton on park lane for ABC breakfast. We had an LDK5 on TRIAX to the roof and an LDK5 and an IVC7000 in a suite on the 23rd floor.
Another unit was at Canada Gate with mix of at least two IVC7000 & a Sony 330 with a hired "big lens". The Sony 330 was new and was running on the Sony multipole cable 41way?