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Patrick writes in his email;

I thought you might be interested to know that the IVC 7000 Colour TV Camera was used by London Weekend TV (LWT) on their 6 Camera main OB Unit, which was introduced in 1976/7. There is photographs of the unit and it's cameras in a feature on the FA Cup Final in ITV 1981 (the ITV handbook for that year). I also have a copy of an article in International Broadcast Engineer magazine from 1979, which details the various LWT OB units in use at that time. The article states that LWT OBs had standardised on the IVC 7000 in both standard and handheld forms.

The IVC 7000 handheld version was also used by Thames TV and Southern TV in some small OB units introduced in the late 1970s. This information comes from various ITV handbooks of the late seventies and early 1980s.



Robin Stonestreet writes in his email;

I have had a bit of time for a quick walk around the museum, I would like to supply a bit of information about Trillions cameras in 1981.
I worked for Trillion video for a few months during 1981, in particular I remember being at the Hilton on park lane for ABC breakfast. We had an LDK5 on TRIAX to the roof and an LDK5 and an IVC7000 in a suite on the 23rd floor.
Another unit was at Canada Gate with mix of at least two IVC7000 & a Sony 330 with a hired "big lens". The Sony 330 was new and was running on the Sony multipole cable 41way?

Regards Robin


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