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The Museum has a reference section of books and handbooks
relating to Cameras and Broadcasting

Suggested reading list, in date of publication order.

Principles of Television Engineering, by DG. Fink, pub. McGraw-Hill 1940. 540 pages, USA prewar TV systems.
Television, by V.K. Zworykin & G.A. Morton, pub. John Wiley 1940. 646 pages, USA prewar TV systems.
Practical Television Engineering, by Scott Helt, Pub. Rinehart Books 1950
Television Engineering, by Amos and Birkinshaw, Vols. 1 to 4, Pub. Iliffe, 1953 (1)
Basic Television, by Bernard Grob, Pub. McGraw-Hill 1954
Television Engineering Handbook, by Donald Fink, Pub. McGraw-Hill 1957
Sound and TV Broadcasting by K R Sturley Pub. Iliffe 1961 (1)
Principals of PAL Colour Television by H V Simms Pub. Iliffe 1969 (1)
Television measurement techniques by L E Weaver Pub. Peter Peregrinus Ltd 1971 (1)
Television Broadcasting Camera Chains, by Harold Ennes, Pub. Samms new york 1971
Television Broadcasting Systems Maintenance, by Harold Ennes, Pub. Samms new york 1972 (2)
Television Engineering handbook, by K. Blair Benson, pub. McGraw-Hill 1985. 1478 pages, ISBN 0-07-004779-0 (4)
Video Handbook, second edition by Ru Van Wezel Pub. Heinemann: London 1987

All of the above are heavy-duty technical handbooks, and even the early valve ones have principals still in use today.

Industrial Television, by H.A. McGhee, published by Newnes c. 1960

CQ-TV, the journal of the British Amateur Television Club, www.BATC.ORG.UK
BVWS Bulletin, British Vintage Wireless Society, includes 405 alive. www.BVWS.ORG.UK
Television Innovations; 50 technological developments, by D. Howett, Pub. Kelly Publications 2006 (3)

(1) These books have been published in conjunction with the BBC and issued as training books.
(2) Detailed technical descriptions based on the American NTSC system, much is applicable to PAL.
(3) Newly published non technical appraisal of the key developments in television, A good read!
(4) A comprehensive handbook and reference work. Camera tubes are well covered, including the new (then) CCD sensors.

Please note the museum will not lend books out!

List of downloadable camera datasheets and brochures [ link ]
(This page is under construction)

The Museum is always pleased to receive donations of books relating to television.