Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

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Outside Broadcast sites

The restoration of the 1963 BBC Outside Broadcast van MCR21

Television Outside Broadcast History in the UK from 1937

A Charitable Trust formed to preserve all aspects of television and associated technologies, documentation and memories

Television Museum Sites

Broadcast Cameras
Stefan Schröder's site specializing in ENG cameras, very nice photographs.

Canada Science and Technology Museum It is a physical museum that you can visit. Located at 1867 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 5A3, CANADA

CBC Museum, Canada. Located at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, 250 Front St. W. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Admission free. (in 2008)

Chalk Hills Media Broadcast Museum An extensive site with many pictures of cameras and early OB trucks. Located in Kilgore Texas, USA

Deutsches Fernsehmuseum Wiesbaden A very extensive virtual museum site. They are a small German non profit organisation to keep the knowledge, the science and the hardware of the past 50 years (and longer) of German and international TV history.

Farvis TV-Museum Pfungstadt This Group operates a website and a physical TV museum in Pfungstadt, Germany, detailing "Fernseh GmbH" in Darmstadt

Labguy's World

The History of Video Tape Recorders before Betamax and VHS


Museo della Radio e della Televisone (Rai)



Rai, Italian state Broadcasters Museum website and at the Rai production Centre, Turin. Open, subect to restrictions, free admission.    (website in Italian)

Museum of Broadcast Technology

The Museum of Broadcast Technology located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA and is dedicated to the restoration of early TV cameras, videotape systems and related technologies.

Museum of the History of Science, Oxford

Pictures of the Marconi MkII Image Orthicon Camera. Home of the Marconi Archive & more. UK

Museo de la Imagen (no website?? found) A small museum on the outskirts of Santiago de Cuba. It has several vintage broadcast cameras on display including a Soviet KT-87, a Dumont, an NEC, and an EMI 203. There is a "Remote Truck" (OB van) parked outside. Open to the public, Cuba.

National Media Museum New name for the National Museum of Film Photography and Television, Bradford, UK. Open to the public.

RTP Virtual Museum

Radio E Televisao de Portugal. A Physical Museum open to the public to visit. There is a large and extensive collection to view on line, Very good site! Mostly in Engish.

Southwest Museum of Engineering,
Communications and Computation
It is a physical museum that you can visit. Very large site with section on broadcasting. domestic and industrial cameras. USA

Television History - The first 75 years One of the greatest 20th century inventions. Learn about the history of TV-set design, development and marketing.

The Early Television Foundation and Museum Large and detailed site from the earliest days of Television.
The Early Television Museum is located at 5396 Franklin Street in Hilliard, Ohio, USA

The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting It is a physical museum that you can visit. Minnesota, USA. Extensive website.

The RCA Equipment Archive Extensive site with cameras, telecine, video recorders


Television Camera Collections

Cameras Broadcast, Thomson A good site featuring Thomson and CSF cameras from the collection of Bernard Tichit. In French.

Eyes of a Generation Bobby Ellerbee's web site dedicated to the collection, restoration, and preservation of classic broadcast television equipment.

Chuck Pharis Camera collection A very extensive and well known site

Dauberich's Flicker Albums
Stephen Schröder

A large number of excellent photographs of "classic" ENG type cameras, Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Ikegami & others.

Marcel's TV Museum Extensive website with domestic TV, Video Recorders and Broadcast Cameras. Holland.

Museum of early consumer electronics The has a large collection of video recorders and cameras from educational and domestic use.

"Old VCRs" Video Equipment Collection Paul Seeley's New Zealand site, mainly VCRs, but a good number of more recent TV cameras featured.

Vintage TV Cameras Australian site featuring RCA, Pye, EMI and Marconi by James


Television Forums

VideoKarma Useful forum with world coverage, use:-
"Television Broadcast Gear" section for cameras.

Broadcast Equipment Discussion Zone

BATC forum site, recommended. Global coverage for Amateur Television with dedicated broadcast page.



Television Camera Manufacturers

Ampex The current site for Ampex, Good History section on VTRs

Television Technology & Data Sites



Test cards and aspect ratios (lost Link)

Alan Pemberton's excellent technical descriptions of test card features. Extensive site with much technical information.

Quantel Digital Fact Book (lost Link) A really useful anthology of technical terms with explanations relating to the digital TV world. It is a PDF with 206 pages.

IBA Technical Reviews Numbers 1 to 24

The well respected IBA technical reviews can be downloaded from the NTL pension association site.

EBU monitor evaluation guide. tech3320 Version 4.1 Published Sept. 2019

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