Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

There is a lot of information and pictures for the Marconi MkIII camera and the main picture sequence is divided into 4 main sections with other sections as below.

The Marconi MkIII Camera was launched in 1953


A range of standard lenses were available from 2 inch to 40 inch in focal lenght, additionally a 80 inch Cassegrain Reflecting lens was offered. There was also a Zoom lens avaliable. The MkIII lens was unique, it only fitted the Marconi MkIII camera. The design was a precursor of the BBC TV88 lens specification. However TV88 lenses would mount on the MkIII camera turret.

Camera body:-
Page 01Camera front view
Page 02Camera rear view
Page 03Camera turret details
Page 04Camera tube side open
Page 05Camera scanning yoke
Page 06Camera electronics side open #1
Page 07Camera electronics side open #2
Page 08Camera viewfinder type 2158 #1
Page 09Camera viewfinder type 2158 #2
Lens systems:-
Page 10Lenses for MkIII in marconi transit box #1
Page 11Lens transit box and headsets #2
Page 1240 inch lens in transit box #3
Page 12a Turret lens interference chart
Page 13Balance weights for large lenses
Page 14Turret blanking caps
Page 15Diascope type BD847
Page 16Camera control handles
Page 17Camera with Varotal Zoom lens
Page 18CCU full view on mounting frame
Page 19CCU and picture & waveform monitor
Page 20 Portable power supply unit type BD629 b
Page 21 Rack mounting power supply type BD630D front.
Page 22Rack mounting power supply type BD630D rear.
Page 23Portable Focus supply unit type 2137
Page 24Rack mounting Focus supply unit type 1881
Page 25CCU Front panel drawing
Page 26CCU Rear with connections
Page 27CCU valve side view
Page 28spare page
Page 29spare page
Other items:-
Page 30 Exploded Diagram of the camera
Page 31 Off screen test card picture
Page 32 Camera in operation #1
Page 33 Camera in operation #2
Extra pages:-
Page 34BICC Mk3 Camera cable data (this line is a spur, returns to here)
Page 35 Image Orthicon tube data (this line is a spur, returns to here)

Circuit Diagrams:-

Camera Head circuit

CCU electronics circuit,

Restoration and preservation:-
Restoration of a MkIII camera
English Electric, Image Orthicon 4.5 inch guidance booklet

E-Mails received:-

David Petrie




Period advert BD687 Camera 1954
Period advert BD687 Camera 1958

Period advert 6CD6G beam tetrode output valve 1951

Technical descriptions:-
Mark III Camera BD808 & BD809 Camera Channels TD.164/2 Technical Decription
Picture and Wavefrom Monitor BD627 Technical Description


BD687 Television Camera Ref. T2904/3
BD.626 Camera Conrtol Chassis, Ref. T.2810/3.
BD.627 Picture & Waveform Monitor chassis (E=625/50, F=405/50) ref. T2824/1
BD.629 Regulated power supply unit, Mobile, Ref. T2612/3
BD.630 Regulated power supply unit, Studio, Ref. T3031/1
Type 3395A Low noise vision amplifier for Camera BD687, Ref. T2904/3
Type 1881 Focus power supply unit, one way, Ref. T2918

Type 2137 Focus power supply unit, four way, Ref. T2918
Type 3221A Focus power supply unit , two way, Ref. T2918

Type 2158 Electronic Viewfinder, Ref. T2902/1

MkIII Camera Users List:- "used by"