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Marconi Mk VII Colour Television camera type B3205


This revolutionary camera heralded the start of the colour television service in the UK. Using 4 of the new Lead Oxide¹ 30mm camera tubes, a new standard of performance was set. It had a bright 7” viewfinder and the power operated 10:1 zoom lens made it equally at home in the studio or on Outside Broadcasts.
The electronics were housed on a series of plug in cards and modules to enable quick “in service” repairs. Extensive use was made of the newly developed “Thick Film modules”, a precursor of the integrated circuit. These helped to give the camera a remarkable stability in operation.
The Camera was used extensively in the UK by the BBC and ITV companies and it enjoyed world wide sales with about 330 sold in total. In 1966 the Mk VII was described as "one of the smallest and lightest colour cameras in production in the world". At the time colour television cameras were very big, heavy, complex and needed almost constant attention. It is only in recent times cameras have become small consumer items.

¹ Philips, the inventor of the lead oxide tube called their tubes Plumbicons® and EEV in the UK called them Leddicons.


Camera body:-

Page 01Camera front view, cable side.
Page 02Camera front view, right side
Page 03Camera rear view.
Page 04Camera rear door open.
Page 05Camera scanning yoke
Page 06Camera Luminance scanning yoke & amplifier
Page 07Camera under side view
Page 08Camera viewfinder type B3102
Page 09Camera viewfinder cover open

Page 9ACamera viewfinder side view
Lens systems:-
Page 10Optical plate coloured tube side
Page 11Optical plate luminance tube side
Page 12Optical damage
Page 13Typical Zoom Lens, RTH Varotal XVI
Page 14Marconi Mk VII lens mount details
Page 15TV88 Lens adaptor to pulley wheel mount.
Page 16Angenieux/Evershed Power Optics Lens. (this line is a spur, returns to here) (Next)
Page 17 Spare page
Page 18Marconi Mk VII Camera Power Supply type B3210
Page 19Marconi Mk VII Camera Power Supply open
Page 20 Marconi Mk VII Camera Power Supply mounting plates
Page 21PSU to CCU cable
Page 22Marconi Mk VII Camera CCU type B3207
Page 23Marconi Mk VII Camera CCU front opening
Page 24Marconi Mk VII Camera CCU modules
Page 25Marconi Mk VII Camera CCU wiring loom
Page 26Marconi Mk VII Camera, control panels B3209 & B3208
Page 27
Page 28
Page 29Spare page
Other items:-
Page 30 Marconi Mk VII Television Camera Dimensions
Page 31
Page 32 Camera in operation (this line is a spur, returns to here)
Page 33 Camera informal pictures (4) (this line is a spur, returns to here)
Extra pages:-
Page 34
Page 35 G101 BICC camera cable data (9) (this line is a spur, returns to here)




DataSheet:- Mk VII datasheet

Press Review:- Announcement in "Practical Television" February 1966

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Marconi Mk VII Brochure at trade shows (1967?)

Marconi B3205 Brochure (low resolution ex Marconi in Television)

Marconi B3205B Brochure (low resolution ex Marconi in Television)



Adverts:- Period advert #1

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Volume 1 T8064 Descriptions & block diagrams
Volume 2 T8064 Circuits & parts lists

Volume 3 T8064 Circuits & layout drawings, master parts list.

Aperture Corrector B3371 T8686

Colour Coder B3370



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