Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Marconi MkVIII Television Camera Light spiltter and scanning yokes

Marconi MkVIII Television Camera Light splitter and scanning yokes

The 3 tubes are at the back of the camera two upward and one across the rear of the camera body (red). The compact size of the camera was achieved by offsetting the lens and viewfinder, not universally liked at the time, but I note now that many of today’s cameras are used in this offset way.

The left unit is the splitter block with the diascope, slide, projector and lamp house. This assembly, made by Rack Precision Industries Ltd. It was carefully measured for spectral response and given a serial number (inset) and in the camera CCU, the plug in Matrix card was adjusted to give exactly the correct result and it had the same serial number on it as the splitter assembly.

This is an unused spare and it still has some brown tape on the front.