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There is a lot of information about the MkVIII camera and the main picture sequence is divided into 4 main sections with other sections as below.

The MkVIII was launched at the UK's IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) in 1970. The B version was announced in 1973. See SMPTE Oct. 1973 p896. Improvements to the camera continued, later B's having the geometry correction PCB fitted.


A range of Lenses were available:-

10:1 Varotal XXII, f/2.9, m.f.d 1.2m (4ft), servo zoom and servo iris, weight 11.4kg (25lb).

10:1 Varotal XXX f/2.2, m.f.d 0'45m (1.5ft) servo zoom and servo iris, weight 19kg (42lb).

16:1 Varotal XVI f/2.2, m.f.d 3.0m (10ft) servo zoom and servo iris, weight 22kg (48lb) x 2 range extenders available as option.

15:1 Angenieux 15 x 18 L81 f/2.4, m.f.d 0.55m (1ft 9in), servo zoom and servo iris, weight 15kg (34lb) x1'5 x2 x 2.5 range extenders on turret.

18:1 Angenieux 18 x 27.5 E81 f/2•0 m.f.d 3m (10ft) servo zoom and servo iris, weight 30kg (65lb) x1.5and x2 range extenders on turret.

Canon 17 x 30BI, f/2.2, m.f.d 3.5m (11 5ft) servo zoom and servo iris, weight 20kg (44lb).

Later an Angenieux 42:1 became available. (primarily for the MkIX)

All the Lenses could be used on either the MkVIII or the MkIX cameras.

In conversation with a BBC senior camera supervisor, he suggested to me that because the lens is offset from the axis of rotation (panning), the point of rotation is not below the lens, this creates a "crabbing" effect on panning. This applies to all cameras with this arrangement not just the Marconi MkVIII camera.


Camera body-
Page 01 Camera cable side
Page 02Camera lens side
Page 03Camera front & rear views
Page 04Camera side open
Page 05Camera, A and B differences
Page 06Camera head amplifiers
Page 07Camera power supply module & servicing notes.
Page 08Camera viewfinder
Page 09Camera viewfinder live picture
Lens systems-
Page 10RTH Varotal 30 lens
Page 11Lens open
Page 12Zoom demand & focus controls
Page 13Shot Box 1
Page 14Shot Box 2
Page 15Lens mounting details
Page 16Light splitter and scanning yokes
Page 17spare page
Page 18CCU, PSU and SPG, in operation
Page 19Drawer 1 main controls
Page 20 Drawer 2 automatics
Page 21 Drawer 3 automatics
Page 22Drawer 4 video processing
Page 23Drawer 4 tilted up
Page 24Drawer 6 aperture corrector
Page 25CCU rear view
Page 26PSU
Page 27PSU-CCU cable
Page 28spare page
Page 29spare page
Other items
Page 30 Camera colour coder type B3373
Page 30a Camera colour coder top cover
Page 31 Operational control panel (OCP) Iris & lift
Page 32 Operational control panel (OCP) Colour balance
Page 33 Tube Simulator (for testing)
Page 34 Camera in operation
Page 35 Camera in operation

Circuit Diagrams:-

B3128 Viewfinder Technical Manual T8149 for MkVIII :- fig. 2-1, fig. 2-3, fig3-1, fig3-2, fig3-3, fig3-4
B3215 camera PSU circuits (part):- 1A11 fig.3-6-11, 1A11 fig.3-6-12, 1A11 test, 1A14 fig.3-2-42

Tube Notes, obtaining best results.


From main catalogue MkVIIIB
Sales Brochure ( 1974)

Sales Brochure (July 1970)

Sales Brochure Colour Coder B3373


Period advert

Technical descriptions:-
IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting Vol.18 No.1 March 1972
MkVIII the choice for the 70's, Norman Parker-Smith
Source; Marconi in television

MkVIII Video circuit design J.D.Capers & P.W.Loose Source; Marconi in television

MkVIII Aperture correction design Mouilpied Fremont Source; Marconi in television
Royal television Society (RTS) Vol.13 No.9

Video of Marconi MkVIII camera, part 1 (YouTube) 16.30 minutes
Video of Marconi MkVIII camera, part 2 (YouTube) 13.30 minutes


Vol 1 MkVIII B3215 Camera T8104; Introduction & familiarization, Routine attention & operation, Description & maintenance.
Vol 2 MkVIII B3215 Camera T8104; Description & maintenance continued.
Vol 3 MkVIII B3215 Camera T8104; Description & maintenance continued.
Vol 4 MkVIII B3215 Camera T8104; Parts list.
Vol 5 MkVIII B3215 Camera T8104; Changes and new facilities. (supplement volume)

Viewfinder B3128, T8149; Familiarization, Block diagrams and parts list.

Colour Coder B3373, T8103; Familiarization, block diagrams, circuits, alignment, parts list

7 volumes in all. Lens data & handbooks from the lens manufacturer.

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