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There is a lot of information about the MkVIII camera and the main picture sequence is divided into 4 main sections with other sections as below.

The MkVIII was launched at the UK's IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) in 1970. The B version was announced in 1973. See SMPTE Oct. 1973 p896. Improvements to the camera continued, later B's having the geometry correction PCB fitted.


A range of Lenses were available:-

10:1 Varotal XXII, f/2.9, m.f.d 1.2m (4ft), servo zoom and servo iris, weight 11.4kg (25lb).

10:1 Varotal XXX f/2.2, m.f.d 0'45m (1.5ft) servo zoom and servo iris, weight 19kg (42lb).

16:1 Varotal XVI f/2.2, m.f.d 3.0m (10ft) servo zoom and servo iris, weight 22kg (48lb) x 2 range extenders available as option.

15:1 Angenieux 15 x 18 L81 f/2.4, m.f.d 0.55m (1ft 9in), servo zoom and servo iris, weight 15kg (34lb) x1'5 x2 x 2.5 range extenders on turret.

18:1 Angenieux 18 x 27.5 E81 f/2•0 m.f.d 3m (10ft) servo zoom and servo iris, weight 30kg (65lb) x1.5and x2 range extenders on turret.

Canon 17 x 30BI, f/2.2, m.f.d 3.5m (11 5ft) servo zoom and servo iris, weight 20kg (44lb).

Later an Angenieux 42:1 became available. (primarily for the MkIX)

All the Lenses could be used on either the MkVIII or the MkIX cameras.


Camera body-
Page 01 Camera cable side
Page 02Camera lens side
Page 03Camera front & rear views
Page 04Camera side open
Page 05Camera, A and B differences
Page 06Camera head amplifiers
Page 07Camera power supply module
Page 08Camera viewfinder
Page 09Camera viewfinder live picture
Lens systems-
Page 10RTH Varotal 30 lens
Page 11Lens open
Page 12Zoom demand & focus controls
Page 13Shot Box 1
Page 14Shot box 2
Page 15Lens mounting details
Page 16Light splitter and scanning yokes
Page 17spare page
Page 18CCU, PSU and SPG, in operation
Page 19Drawer 1 main controls
Page 20 Drawer 2 automatics
Page 21 Drawer 3 automatics
Page 22Drawer 4 video processing
Page 23Drawer 4 tilted up
Page 24Drawer 6 aperture corrector
Page 25CCU rear view
Page 26PSU
Page 27PSU-CCU cable
Page 28spare page
Page 29spare page
Other items
Page 30 Camera colour coder type B3373
Page 31 Operational control panel (OCP) Iris & lift
Page 32 Operational control panel (OCP) Colour balance
Page 33 spare page
Page 34 Camera in operation
Page 35 Camera in operation

Circuit Diagrams:-

B3128 Viewfinder Technical Manual T8149 for MkVIII :- fig3-1, fig3-2, fig3-3, fig3-4
B3215 camera PSU circuits (part):- 1A11 fig.3-6-11, 1A11 fig.3-6-12, 1A11 test, 1A14 fig.3-2-42


From main catalogue MkVIIIB

Sales Brochure (July 1970)


Period advert

Technical descriptions:-
IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting Vol.18 No.1 March 1972
Royal television Society (RTS) Vol.13 No.9


Vol 1 MkVIII B3215 Camera T8104; Introduction & familiarization, Routine attention & operation, Description & maintenance.
Vol 2 MkVIII B3215 Camera T8104; Description & maintenance continued.
Vol 3 MkVIII B3215 Camera T8104; Description & maintenance continued.
Vol 4 MkVIII B3215 Camera T8104; Parts list.
Vol 5 MkVIII B3215 Camera T8104; Changes and new facilities. (supplement volume)

Viewfinder B3128, T8149; Familiarization, Block diagrams and parts list.

Colour Coder B3373, T8103; Familiarization, block diagrams, circuits, alignment, parts list

7 volumes in all. Lens data & handbooks from the lens manufacturer.

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