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Peto Scott Television Cameras
Little is known about the first of these cameras except that the BBC used it for an early broadcast from a submarine. I have good data for the third, except for a model number or reliable date, if you have any data on Peto Scott please contact me. Peto scott was taken over by Pye and Phillips and then the "Peto Scott" brand appears on Philips products for certain geographical regions.

Peto Scott unkown model

Peto Scott model A (prototype?)
middle 1950s??
Vidicon 1 inch
Small studio monochrome


Peto Scott model B?
c. 1957
Vidicon 1 inch
Small studio monochrome

This image comes from the "Electronic & Radio Engineer" March 1957 pages 80 to 89.

Peto-Scott television camera

Peto Scott model C?
c. 1957
Vidicon 1 inch
Small studio monochrome

bulletData sheet
bulletCamera pictures (6)
bulletProduct brochure
bulletEmails received


These three models A, B & C may all be different incarnations of the same basic camera


Peto Scott 14" monitor

Not exactly a camera but a
Peto Scott 14" monitor


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