Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Angenieux 12x50Angenieux 10 to 1 lens

Lens information for the Philips LDK3 Television Camera page 5

Angenieux 12x50, f/4.5, 50-600 mm

— for outside broadcast application
— with 3-function servo control
— including lens mounting, housing and rayshade
— with common shoe supporting both camera and lens.

Servo control assembly as with Angenieux 10 x 18

The basic Angenieux 10 to 1 lens showing the three servo motors for Focus (LH), Zoom (center) and Iris (RH).

The 3 silver disks on the front end of the motors are the positional feedback pots.

At this stage in the developement of the zoom lens package the servo amplifiers were seperate from the lens, housed in the camera or an accessory box. The connector can be seen hanging loose.