Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

The Camera Cable Connector for the Philips LDK3 Television Camera

The standard cable EL8663/50 made by Felten & Guilleaume ( F&G ) type 756-1 in 50m lenghts to a maxium of 1Km. The thinner 16mm cable type 756-3 can be used to a maxium lenght of 200m.

The BIW (Boston Insulated Wire) cable was the TV-84

This rather ungainly connector had 92 pins and 6 x 75 Ohm co-ax connectors, a total of 98 cores.

The BBC specified a BICC G101 conector for the LDK3 cameras it used on outside Broadcasts, the camera then being known as the PC80 ( a Noreclo number ).