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The LDK3 was developed from the EL8521 and the PC60. It was introduced in 1968 using three 30mm separate mesh Plumbicons and silicon transistors. It had a built in contour corrector using contours out of green and an "all new" CCU/PSU of modular design. The LDK3 was marketed in the USA by Norelco as the PC72. In a 1970 IBE journal, Philips reported the sale of three more camera channels to WCCO-TV of Minneapolis USA, bringing the total sold to 1000 cameras!
The LDK3S followed in 1970 with light bias for the Plumbicon tubes. This was applied to the front face of the targets. The LDK3S was marketed in the USA by Norelco as the PC80. The PC80 when sold in the UK had a BICC G101 cable connector and, I understand, when sold in the USA it had a BIW TV-81 connector.
An industrial version of the LDK3 was offered as the LDK33, simplified and without viewfinder.

Production of the LDK3S ceased in September 1974 with some 1800 sales of 30mm. colour cameras worldwide.


The Philips numbering system:-
Philips Netherlands (PhNL) followed the Philips nomenclature of EL-xxxx number for major units and there accessories. Later the LDK- xxxx numbers were used for major systems with EL-xxxx being used for accessories and sub systems. They also used LDH-xxxx for industrial products.

Philips USA (PhUS "Norelco") used PC-xxx numbers until 1976 and then they adopted the LDK-xxxx numbering system.

Pye & Peto-Scott in the UK used a mixture of EL, LDK and LDH numbers.
So The same camera could have a selection of different numbers and branding depending were they were being sold coupled with different specs for line/colour standards & supply voltages. This led to a profusion of confusing numbers.

Page 01 LDK3 45° view
Page 02 LDK3 80° view
Page 03 LDK3 315° view
Page 04 LDK3 270° view with side open
Page 05 LDK3 PSU
Page 06 LDK3 CCU
Page 07 LDK3 Pre regulator module
Page 08 LDK3 control panel
Page 09 LDK3 control panel 2
Page 10 Lens information for the Philips LDK3 page 1
Page 11 Lens information for the Philips LDK3 page 2
Page 12 Lens information for the Philips LDK3 page 3
Page 13 Lens information for the Philips LDK3 page 4
Page 14 Lens information for the Philips LDK3 page 5
Page 15 The camera cable connector for the Philips LDK3




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