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Philips PC-60 studio television camera

Philips/Norelco PC-60 studio television camera 270° view 

This side view of the Philips PC-60 clearly shows the two camera cable connectors. These are BIW (Boston Insulated Wire) TV-37 connectors. In the UK the compatible connector was the BICC Mk4b.
This camera, used in Canada has the Philips logo.

Practical Television (UK), Feb 1972 page 158. 3 tube discussion featureing the PC60.
Philips Technical Review, Vol 26, No1. 1966. About the Plubicon tube plus the PC60.
BBC Training Dept. Information Sheet, EM/S/18 & 19, 1966-7, Technical notes.
Philips Broadcast Cameras, edited by Richard Ellis.
A PC-60 is on display in the Philips Museum, Eindhoven.
Final development of the PC60 line sales is reported to be in excess of 1800. (RTS 1975 P275)

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