Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Philips PC60 studio camera 270° view 

Philips/Norelco PC-60 studio television camera side view 

This is a side view of Michael's camera, which is an early one with date codes indicating manufacture in week 34 of 1964. The camera was described by the Philips staff as an LDK1.

On the top of the camera, you can see a yellow "flag", this is a zoom indicator. The PC-60 camera was one of the first to be designed to use a zoom lens and it has the unusual feature of an external zoom angle indicator. A yellow “flag” extended out of the top of the camera according to the zoom lens angle of view. This must have been so that the studio staff and sound boom operators, new how to “keep out of shot”. The cue light is unusual as well, mounted to the rear of the camera with a “shield” to the front.

In my other PC-60 pictures and you can see the zoom indicator on the top, now you know what to look for, but it is always in the down position, and not noticeable.



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