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These pictures are a selection
from my photo album,
in no
particular order - Enjoy!

Marconi Mk VIII with Javilin in backgound

This is one of my favourite cameras, a Marconi MkVIII photographed in 2003 at the Cosford aircraft museum, hence the Javelin in the background!  It is mounted on a "Dutch Dolly" which has a nice elevating action, self steering and it folds up small too.  On the front is a prompting unit with a monitor and a reflecting glass sheet in the hood above.

Pye Mk3 camera with Varotal zoom lensThis very nice Pye Mk3 Image Orthicon camera with it's Varotal zoom lens was photographed a few years ago at a BATC exhibition in Leicester.  At that time heavy duty pan and tilt heads were unobtainable by  amateurs and the one under this camera is home made.

Link 110

The Link 110 colour camera was a popular choice with the BBC and ITV in the UK. Shown here fitted with an Autocue unit, monitor and glass reflector.

Pye Mk4 camera
The Pye Mk4 3 inch Image Orthicon monochrome camera photographed in studio A at Ravensbourne College in about 1968. They were later scrapped when the studio was converted to colour. This one, serial number 23, was rescued and is now in private hands. It was last powered up in the mid 1970's.

Two Pye Mk4s at Anglia TV studios

Here is a pair of Pye Mk4s in one of Anglia TVs studios. I don't know the date this was taken, but I estimate about 1961.

The Pye Mk4 camera in the foreground has a periscope viewfinder hood.

This very nice Marconi MkVII camera was photographed at the Sanford Mill Museum in 2009. It is in exceptionally fine condition as it has never seen service.

The camera is supported by a Vinten MkII pan and tilt head and the lens is an Angenieux 10:1 power operated zoom.


Marconi MkII camera & Varotal MkI lens This is a Marconi MkII fitted with a Varotal Mk1 zoom lens being admired by a group of BBC trainees and their instructor. The venue was Lingfield Park Racecourse and the camera was from RE 2 which provided the centre of course coverage, it was probably taken in April 1964. The camera man is thought to be Charlie Snare. The camera and lens is a decade older c.1953. The photograph was provided by Roger Dowling.




Howard Arnall operating a Pye Mk6 Image Orthicon camera outside the "Palace of Arts". The BBC Television Outside Broadcast base till approx 1963-4. The Pye Mk6 camera was especially commissioned by the BBC for their new fleet of 4 camera OB vehicles.

The photograph was provided by Roger Dowling

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