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Piher 1500

Piher Television Camera model 1500??

Antonio Bravo, writes with some information obtained from a person who worked at TVE:-

"It was a black and white camera that used a vidicon tube and was manufactured by a Spanish company, PIHER ELECTRONICS.
The camera channel consisted of the camera head and camera control unit, connected by a 40-pin multicore cable. In the camera control unit were adjustments for, the aperture, video gain, beam intensity and black level.

It was the first camera used in the first Regional Centres for TVE, (Bilbao, Sevilla, Asturias, Galicia and Aragon) which opened in 1971.
They were also used in the first of these centres mobile outside broadcast units.
This camera had several defects, excessive drag on the scenic (lag), little definition, had no detail correction and needed a lot of light to get an acceptable image."



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