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Pye (84) 2018 2021 Television Camera

Pye (84) 2018 & 2021 Television Camera
The Pye Industrial Mk2 camera, the 2018 was designed by H. A. McGhee and I. Waters in 1952-3. There are some descriptions of the camera in Harry McGhee's book; Industrial Television published by George Newnes Ltd. in 1957. It is thought that not many were made.

The camera became the basis for the Mk3 industrial camera when the tube, yoke and head amplifier were removed to make a remote camera head connected the rest , which became the CCU, by a cable.

It is fully self contained with a full interlaced output as video or RF on an appropriate frequency in band 1.

2021 was for 405 lines.

2018 for 525/625 lines.

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