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Pye experimental colour camera

Pye experimental colour camera c.1954

I have little information about this camera, however:-

It is based on the Pye Mk3 84 2014 camera but with modifications to have a "colour wheel" fitted. The taking lens is bottom left and the tri coloured wheel must be just behind the lens driven by a motor in the top housing.


The rotation of the wheel was synchronised to the field period of the camera so that, red, green & blue images were presented in succession to the tube which would have been a standard 3 inch Image Orthicon type. The field frequency would have been 150cps*. In it's simplest form a corresponding coloured wheel would have rotated in front of the viewing monitor.

As far as I know the pictures were never transmitted, the camera being an experimental model to gain experience of the use of the colour systems.


* As this is a 1950's camera cps. would have been used, cycles per second or Hz. today.




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