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Pye started work on developing the Mk4 3 inch Image Orthicon camera in 1957 and production models were available in 1959. The camera is similar in size to the earlier Pye Mk3 camera but with a number of design improvements. The 4 station turret has the lenses "splayed out" so that they do not interfere with the view from a wide angle lens. There was a variable neutral density filter for exposure control. The 7 inch viewfinder is offset to one side and has a periscope option to aid in low or high angle shots. Both the focus and turret change were mechanical.

Although the camera was well specified it used the 3 inch I.O. tube and the 4.5 inch I.O. tube with superior performance was now available. Richard Ellis in his book the Pye TVT story, says that only a few handfuls were sold. Pye quickly produced the Mk5 camera with a 4.5 inch tube.

Camera body:-
Page 01Camera 3/4 front view cable side
Page 02Camera 3/4 front view controls side
Page 03 Camera 3/4 rear view and viewfinder.
Page 04Camera side view with controls
Page 05Camera side open view, controls side #1.
Page 06Camera side open view, cable side #2.
Page 07Camera side open view, chassis open #3
Page 08Cue Dome details
Page 09spare page

Lens systems
Page 10 Camera Turret close up & ND filter
Page 114" Watson Lens for Pye Mk4 Camera
Page 12Pye Mk4 camera turret balance weight
Page 13Lens Blanking plate for Pye Mk4 camera
Page 14spare page


Page 15Pye Mk4 CCU front view
Page 16Pye Mk4 CCU front view open
Page 17Pye Mk4 CCU inside view
Page 18Pye Mk4 CCU rear view
Page 19Pye Mk4 PSU front view
Page 20Pye Mk4 PSU top view
Page 21spare page
Page 22spare page
Page 23spare page
Page 24Informal picture Anglia TV
Page 25Informal picture Ravensbourne College TV
Page 26spare page

Other items:-

Page 27Camera in operation #1
Page 28Camera in operation #2
Page 29Camera in operation #3
Page 30Camera in operation #4
Page 31spare page
Page 32spare page
Page 33 spare page

Extra pages:-

Page 34 Image Orthicon tube data (3 inch) (this line is a spur, returns to here)
Page 35 Camera Cable details BICC Mk4b (this line is a spur, returns to here)

DataSheet:- Pye Mk4 Datasheet

Adverts:-     Period advert

Brochure:- Pye Mk4

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Survivors List:- 3 good cameras are known to have survive (one working), plus a poor one.


Used By:-
Anglia TV studio A (UK), BBC TV (UK), Ravensbourne College TV (UK), TVE Televisión Española (Spain), TVW Channel 7 in Perth (Australia), At least one OB van was fitted with the Mk4s.


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