Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Full featured studio camera, prominent carrying handles along sides, tilting viewfinder, and plug in electronics. Control panel used Joystick for Iris control. Stable design, the final development of the Image Orthicon camera by PYE.

Page 01 Pye Mk7 camera 45° view
Page 02 Camera 135° view
Page 03 Camera 225° view 
Page 04 Camera 315° open view
Page 05 Camera 270 deg with covers open
Page 06 Camera 90 deg with cover open
Page 07 Rear access door
Page 08 Front access door
Page 09 Angenieux lens 10:1 zoom lens 1
Page 10 Angenieux lens 10:1 zoom lens 2
Page 11 Zoom lens controls
Page 12 Zoom lens pully wheel mount
Page 13 Viewfinder
Page 14 CCU front
Page 15 CCU rear
Page 16 CCU top
Page 17 Control panel front
Page 18 Portable CCU
Page 19 Portable control panel 1
Page 20 Portable control panel 2

Pye 842116-00 Camera diagram #1 logo
Pye 842116-00 Camera diagram #2 logo
Pye 842116-00 Camera block diagram logo

Pye 842117-00 Camera Viewfinder diagram logo

Pye 844431-00 Camera controls diagram logo

Pye 843670-00 CCU video processing circuit diagram
Pye 843670-00 CCU Pulse processing circuit diagram pdf logo
Pye 843670-01 CCU Power supply module circuit diagram pdf logo

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