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R A I Television Camera

R A I Television Camera front view

A reference in a museum (del museo della radio e televisione) catalogue, published in 1997, gives the date as 1968 and states that the camera is completely solid state and has a test slide (diascope) projector coupled to the optical system and then on to the target of the 4.5" Image Orthicon Tube. The lenses in the pictures are Rank Taylor Hobson ones and it is likely that the mounting is the standard "Pulley Wheel" type from that date. The BICC Mk4b camera cable can be seen. This camera is reported to have an "amazing grayscale"


There is a further reference in "Elettronica E Telecomunicazioni" N. 6 1976.


Little is known about this camera and if you can supply extra information please contact us!



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