Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

RCA TK-12 TK-32 Television Camera

RCA TK-12 & TK-32 Television Camera

When this camera was designed, Image Orthicon camera design was mature and this camera has all the stability and features you would expect. The camera makes extensive use of the Nuvistor valves, mostly the RCA triode type 7586. There are also some transistors used in the intercom and other minor circuits.
The TK-60 and probably the TK-12/32 has an interesting arrangement with the focus action. One of the design problems with 4.5” I.O. cameras is the weight of the scanning yoke. This becomes a problem when the camera tilts up or down and the, now out of balance, the yoke makes the focus knob/lever very hard to move. Indeed the yoke could career catastrophically to the end of its travel! RCA solution to this problem was to counterbalance the yoke by moving the electronic chassis on the other side of the camera in the opposite direction!

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