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The Aims and Objectives of the Museum of the Broadcast television Camera. Terms and Conditions of use of this site.

Aims and Objectives
This web site and the Museum of the Broadcast television Camera have been created to provide an authoritative source of information about the technical and other details of Broadcast Television Cameras and their associated equipment. Information is given to assist in the preservation, restoration, care and operation of Broadcast Camera equipment. A reference library of technical documentation and literature is kept.

Museum Supporters
Brian Summers wishes to thank everyone who has helped, either wittingly or unwittingly, in the production of this website and the Museum.
In particular thanks go to :-
David Petrie, Fernando Jose Martínez, J.P. Hutter, P. Delaney, Marcel van Grinsven, Dicky Howett, Nigel Finnis, Ian Fraser, John Douglas, Patrick Neill, Trevor Goodenough, Ian Stimson, Stefano Bassi, Don DiGalbo, Roger Dowling, Terry Cross, Jens Hofmann, Kevin Hempson

Physical Museum
The physical museum is not available for visits as almost all of it is carefully packed away in safe storage awaiting a suitable premises to display it. This seems unlikely in Surrey, England as even a small building commands a Kings ransom in operating costs. From time to time the Museum will put on "camera displays" at suitable events. Bona fide researchers may visit by appointment and I will bring out of store the camera to be researched.

Important disclaimer
The material in this web site "www.tvcameramuseum.org, The Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera", is of a general nature and comment. It is presented solely for reference, historical research and educational purposes. It is not endorsed by any third party. Brian Summers and any coauthors expressly disclaims all liability to any person or organization in respect of any content of this site or the consequences of anything done or not done wholly or partly in reliance upon the content of this site.

Cookie Policy
This site does not use or leave cookies.

Intellectual property rights
Many of the logos and images used by manufacturers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. The use of a trademark or company logo on this site does not mean that the organization/company has endorsed this site. Wherever possible permission has been sought from the license holders, however due to the historic nature of this site some trademark and logo owners have ceased to exist. Where they appear on this website they are taken to be acknowledged to their owners and no infringement of the intellectual copyright is intended. Any products, programme titles, trade names and brand names mentioned may be trade or service marks of their respective owners. Character names, related slogans and the like may be the property of the respective copyright owners. The use here of such material falls under Fair Use provisions.

Copyrighted articles and images on this site are the property of the original owners. Data presented here is for reference and historical research and analysis, as permitted by 'fair use' rulings. The images and articles in this web site are the sole copyright of the owners of those pictures. Permission must be obtained from original copyright holders before reproduction or re posting of any material on this site. Wherever possible this site has attempted to contact and recognize the original copyright owners. Contact me concerning copyright of the images and we will withdraw them immediately on Copyright holder's request.

All rights reserved
Some of the subject matter on this website is in the public domain but this particular compilation is protected by international copyright. You may view and store pages or images for your own personal use only. The use of any part of this site for business, or trade, or re posting purposes is expressly prohibited. Images with identifiable individuals may not be used in any way. You are granted no other rights and all other rights are reserved by Brian Summers.

The use of links from The TV Camera Museum web site are used at the users sole risk. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the links are correct, Brian Summers does not vouch for the quality, content or views of any site visited and accepts no liability whatsoever. I favour no product, web site, business or person and all links and information are deemed to be impartial and in no particular order. As links to other sites are subject to change, beyond my control, I therefore cannot verify the accuracy, content or validity of any link or third party information. Should a user find a site offensive or inaccurate then I will investigate, on receipt of a complaint, and take appropriate action.

Mea Culpa
If you find any errors or inaccuracies in this site please contact me so I can correct it. Dates are particularly difficult and uncertain information is often prefixed with "~~" or postfixed with "?"

Picture of Brian Summers
A few words about me
I Have had 25 good years with BBC Television Engineering and I retired in 2001 as a Vision Engineer for BBC outside Broadcasts.

Now I work as a Freelance Vision Control Engineer. I have a broad range of experience in sport and studio work. Member of BECTU

Licensed radio amateur for 36 years as G8GQS and as G6AJU/T
Treasurer of the British Amateur Television Club.
Member of the British Vintage Wireless Society.

A picture of me with an Image Orthicon tube and a silly grin.

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