Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

CSF CO-301 Television Camera

CSF CO-301 Television Camera 3 inch Image Orthicon

Bernard TICHIT writes:-

"The use of semiconductors to replace valves represented considerable progress in terms of heat generation and, as one sees here, there was no need for grilles to allow air to circulate in the Camera… This was how CSF dared make a metallised fibreglass cover (an incredibly advanced solution for the time).
This Camera was single-standard 819 lines (and therefore aimed at the French market), unlike that of its competitor Thomson, which was Triple Standard (525 – 625 – 819 lines) and therefore targeted a world market.
Certain distinctive features of orthicons, such as the need to heat the target to 40° and maintain it at that temperature, gave rise to astonishing start-up procedures; it is surprising to see the large tubes running around the inside of the Camera, carrying hot air to the tube.
The link to the control unit was via light, flexible and robust multicore cable specified by RTF (the same for both Thomson and CSF). The control unit was very compact and the Camera could be used with no control panel, all controls being accessible on the CCU front panel "



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