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Thomson (CSF) television camera model number list

Thomson have made and marketed television cameras for a very long time and,
this has led to a profusion of model numbers and suffixes.

Model number Comments Date (1) Description & technology
CO 301 (CSF)     Studio, mono, Image Orthicon
MC-301     Portable colour
MC 601      
MC 701 (Sony)    
HD-1250 "Proscan" c.1990 Studio HD colour 4:3-16:9 1250/50i, 1054/59.4i, 625/50p, 525/59.4p


"light" c.1990 Portable HD colour 1250/50i 1054/59.4i
TAV-970   >1982 CCTV, mono, High resolution
TAV-1030   >1982 CCTV, mono, general purpose.
TAV-1035   >1982 CCTV, mono, external general purpose.
TAV-1110     CCTV, mono, general purpose.
TAV-1170   >1982 CCTV, mono, low light,
TAV-1520     Studio
THV-14     Studio
TH.V 120 C Mount lens >1959 CCTV, Vidicon/Staticon, valve
TH.V 130 C Mount lens >1959 CCTV, Vidicon/Staticon, valve
TH.V 140 special >1959 CCTV, Image Orthicon, valve
TH.T 600   c. 1961 Studio, mono, vidicon, transistor
TH.T 620     Studio, mono, Photicon, valve (2)
TH.T 621     Studio, mono, Image Orthicon, valve
TH.T 628   c. 1959 Studio, mono, 3" Image Orthicon, valve
TH.T 629     Studio, mono, Image Orthicon, valve
TH.T 2001 ( the EMI 2001) c. 1968 Studio, colour, Plumbicon, transistor
TTV-1000   1976 Studio, mono
TTV-1200     Studio, mono, Image Orthicon, transistor
TTV-1247AP (Sony)   ENG/EFP Betacam SP
TTV-1248AP     ENG/EFP Betacam SP
TTV-1260P     ENG/EFP Betacam SP
TTV-1270WSP     ENG/EFP Betacam SP
TTV-1515 S&M     Studio
TTV-1515 C     Studio
TTV-1515P     Portable
TTV-1516 P&U Backpack 1977? Portable, colour, Plumbicons
TTV-1518   1979? Studio, colour,
TTV-1525   1980? Multi-role studio or ENG, colour, Plumbicon
TTV-1525A   1982? Multi-role studio or ENG, colour, Plumbicon
TTV-1525B   1982? Studio, colour, Plumbicon, microprocessor
TTV-1525C   1984 Studio, colour, Plumbicon, microprocessor
TTV-1525PC     Multi-role studio or ENG, colour, Plumbicon
TTV-1530   1985? Studio, colour, Plumbicon, microprocessor, auto reg & lineup
TTV-1532     Studio, colour, Plumbicon, microprocessor, auto reg & lineup
TTV-1542   c. 1990  
TTV-1544   c. 1992  
TTV-1550   1976? Studio, colour, Plumbicon
TTV-1600 + Hip Pack 1976 Portable, colour, Plumbicon, Transistor + I.Cs.
TTV-1601   1981? ENG, colour, Plumbicon,
TTV-1602 + Hip Pack 1977? Portable, colour, Plumbicon, Transistor + I.Cs.
TTV-1603     ENG, colour, Plumbicon,
TTV-1623 Dockable 1986? ENG, colour, Plumbicon,
TTV-1624 Dockable   ENG, colour, Plumbicon,
TTV-1625   ~1982? Multimode, colour, Lead oxide,
TTV-1647 Dockable    
TTV-1650   >1982 Studio/OB, colour,
TTV-1657D Dockable c. 2002 ENG, colour, CCD FIT, 12 Bit.
TTV-1707   1999 May ENG, colour, 2/3" CCD FIT, Digital processing & triax
TTV-2520     Telecine, 16mm.
TTV-2530 Large Console ~1982? Telecine, colour, Flying spot,
TTV-2610   ~1982? Telecine, colour, 3x Saticons,
TTV-2705     Slide scanner, flying spot
TTV-2710   ~1986 Slide scanner, CCD line array (2048pix),
TTV-2715     Digital colour slide scanner
TTV-3505     Betacam SP VTRs
TTV-5650     Component digital switcher
TTV-5775 2U rack unit ~1985 10x4 digital routing switcher, SMPTE Jan 1986
TTV-5790     Routing switcher
TTV-7160 4U rack unit   Equliser distribution amplifier 4:2:2 Digital
TTV-7650 1U rack unit ~1985 RGB to 4:2:2 coder with serialiser, SMPTE Jan 1986
TTV-7660 1U rack unit ~1985 4:2:2 to RGB decoder with de serialiser, SMPTE Jan 1986
TTV-7810   c. 1992 Standards converter

(1) Notes: Dates are tricky!, do you take the design date or the date entered service? It's all a bit vague.
(2) The Photicon and Pesticon were both midget developments of the image iconoscope tube.
"I.O." is the abbreviation for Image Orthicon, a large camera tube in 3 inch and 4.5 inch sizes.
"Plumbicon" is a registered trade mark of Philips, as well as being a Lead Oxide camera tube!

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