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Thomson TTV-1525b Television Camera

Thomson TTV-1525b Television Camera

Technical   B. Tichit writes:-

The TTV 1525 B consisted of a redesign of the 1525 A in conventional studio form, the basis for which remained the 1515. The design work was therefore essentially mechanical; in particular, it was necessary to invert the geometry of the three-colour separator by 180°, in order to lower the optical axis. Various additional functions, essential in a studio Camera, were added on this occasion (commentator, teleprompter, etc).
This Camera retained the hybrid scanning system of the 1525, a (1" tube for green, and 2/3" tubes for red and blue). Externally, the 1525 B and KCI 90 were distinguishable – apart from the company logos and names – by a difference in livery: light colour and ANGENIEUX lens for the 1525 B, anthracite colour and SCHNEIDER lens for the KCI 90.
It was no small achievement: technical services rose to the challenge and it took no more than eight months between the design decision and manufacturing production of the first TTV 1525 B and KCI 90 units.


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