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Thomson TTV-1525b Television Camera

Thomson TTV-1525b Television Camera

This camera was also marketed by Bosch as the KCI 90.

History   B. Tichit writes:-

The idea of repackaging the 1525 A Camera head in conventional studio form was running through the minds of Technical Services.
At that time, a co-operation agreement had just been signed between THOMSON and the German company BOSCH FERNSEH. Within the framework of the agreement (which essentially concerned the joint project for the BCN 52 digital VTR), THOMSON was to cease development of telecines and BOSCH was to cease development of Cameras. It was therefore anticipated that BOSCH would from then on offer our Cameras in its catalogue. One can easily imagine the reaction of the German development engineers! It was in these circumstances that the TTV 1525 B Camera, or KCI 90 to give it the BOSCH designation, was developed at GENNEVILLIERS.
Hopes for this co-operation with BOSCH were not realised, neither with regard to the design of the BCN 52 digital VTR, nor with regard to sales of the KCI 90, which remained at a level close to zero.

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