Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

Thomson TTV-1602 Microcam Mk2 Television Camera.

Thomson TTV-1602 Microcam Mk2 Television Camera.

Electronic News Gathering (ENG) or Electronic Reporting really began in 1978, when news-gathering using 16mm film Cameras and Nagra tape recorders was completely replaced by electronic Cameras and portable VTRs.
Technically, this coincided with the simultaneous appearance of portable Cameras and portable VTRs (Sony U-matic). Each of these items weighed nearly 10 kg, requiring a minimum of two people…
This revolution in ENG had profound social repercussions, as the make-up of reporting teams was changed completely…
It also had a considerable effect on post-production equipment: there was no need to develop the film, nor to use telecine… A complete revolution in television centres.

B. Tichit.


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