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Thomson-CSF TTV-1603F Television Camera

Thomson-CSF TTV-1603F Television Camera

History    B. Tichit writes:-

The success of the TTV 1601 and TTV 1603 one-piece Cameras and their Sony equivalents was extraordinary, as the whole world had gone over to Electronic News Gathering.
In this first stage, it was the ergonomics of the Camera, its lightness and low consumption that were the main criteria. But with the new 1603 manufactured by Sony, a large number of improvements had been introduced, which positioned this Camera at a level close to that of the Studio Cameras.
In fact, when the Camera was used for news gathering with a U-matic portable VTR (BVU-100 and then BVU-110), there had been no need for very high resolution, as it was limited by the VTR. On the other hand, this type of Camera was starting to be used in Studio Production, alongside large Cameras, where the highest levels of performance were required. In particular, it was necessary to develop Triax versions, and this was done rapidly.



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