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Thomson TTV-1623 Television Camera

Thomson TTV-1623 & TTV-1624 Television Camera

This Camera head was half the size of a TTV-1601! It was no larger than the separator fitted with its 3 tubes! Weighing less than 3.5 kg!
This technological development was only possible through use of new sub-miniature devices known as Surface Mount Components (SMC). This was an essential revolution and one that was to cause a revolution in manufacturing techniques.
To increase density still further, we developed sub-assemblies known as modules (themselves manufactured in SMC), which allowed one to wire up the Camera using volume rather than surface.
The gamble paid off and our 1623 Camera was exactly the same size as the Sony Camera! The circuitry was still quite close to that of a TTV-1601, but what progress there had been over size! The sync generator and encoder were on a single board, instead of on three in the 1601 and 1603!
The Camera was available in numerous versions: with Saticon tubes (TTV-1623) or Plumbicon (TTV-1624), depending on the performance and price required. These were to be the basis for future developments in “lightweight” Studio Cameras.

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