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Thomson TTV-1657 Television Camera

Thomson TTV-1657 Television Camera text

New design for the TTV 1657 (B. Tichit)
This was a real revolution for Thomson, which had been accustomed to sombre rectangular shapes and beige or grey colours. The differences compared with the 1640 or 1647 immediately hit you between the eyes! This revolution had taken place a few years earlier with cars, customers were now ready for the change…
It was extraordinarily successful. The new shape and new colours of the TTV 1657 were to become a real additional sales argument… At last, a Camera that did not pass unnoticed! Customers were immediately attracted to it.
Creating these complex shapes required use of the latest generation of mechanical design tools that allow bodies to be viewed in three dimensions.
Apart from aiding design, the software also enabled direct and automated transfer of data to manufacturing equipment, for rapid prototyping and production.





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