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Ampex BC-100 Television Camera

Ampex BC-100 Television Camera

The Ampex two Plumbicon BC-100 camera head has an optical splitting system providing one tube for the luminance channel and the other with an alternate red-blue image produced by a synchronously rotating filter wheel. The combination of luminance and green with field sequential red and blue is sent back to base via a compact microwave link mounted on the backpack. The base station uses a field-storage delay device to reinsert the alternately missed red and blue signals, providing RGB for matrixing and encoding into standard NTSC format.

A nickel-cadmium battery keeps the system operating for over an hour, with battery changes possible in a few minutes.

The camera was used at the Mexico City XIX Olympic Games in 1969.

A report of the games can be found in the RTS journal Volume 12 No.7 page 161



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