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Bosch broadcast television camera model list
Model Number Comments Date(1) Description & technology
FDL 60 Large console 1979 Telecine, colour, CCD, micro,
KBF 1 QuarterCam 1982 ENG/EFP camcorder, colour, Plumbicon, IC
KC 33   c. 1966 Studio, colour, Plumbicon, transistor
KCA 60     Studio, colour, Plumbicon, transistor
KCA 90   1978 Portable colour, Plumbicon, transistor
KCA 100   1979 Portable colour, Plumbicon, IC, transistor
KCA 110   1984 Portable colour, Plumbicon, IC, transistor
KCB 1     Portable colour, Plumbicon,
KCB 590 Based on the LDK90 c. 1987 Portable colour, camera/recorder, CCD, micro.
KCF 1 KBF1 as camcorder 1982 Portable ENG/EFP colour, Plumbicon, IC
KCH 1000 HDTV 1988 Studio colour, Plumbicon, micro
KCI 90   c. 1981 Studio colour
KCK (40A)   1975 Studio, colour, Plumbicon, transistor
KCM 125   1985 Studio, colour, Plumbicon, micro.
KCM 318   1985-6 ENG, mono, Plumbicon,
KCN 90     no details
  1972 Portable colour, Plumbicon, transistor, backpack
  1971 Studio, colour, Plumbicon, transistor

Studio, colour, Plumbicon, IC

KCP 90     ENG/EFP, portable colour, plumbicons,
KCR 40   1973 Portable, colour, Plumbicon, transistor, backpack
KCU 40   c. 1980 Studio, colour, Plumbicon, transistor, uses YRG system.
OMY 40     no details
TV 140     Industrial colour
TCU     Portable colour, Plumbicon, transistor
TCX     Industrial, studio, colour, Plumbicon, transistor
TYB   1982 Educational B&W

(1) Notes: Dates are tricky!, do you take the design date or the date entered service? It's all a bit vague.
"I.O." is the abbreviation for Image Orthicon, a large camera tube in 3 inch and 4.5 inch sizes.
"Plumbicon" is a registered trade mark of Philips, as well as being a Lead Oxide camera tube!

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