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CEI Camera Model List

(Commercial Electronics Incorporated)

Model Number Comments Date(1) Description & technology
270   1970 Studio colour, uses 3 x Westinghouse WL-31683 SEC low light vidicon tubes. Cost was $35,000 in 1970. Ref:- "Color TV with Available Light", Broadcast Management & Engineering, May 1970 page 26.
270 (E) Hi sensitivity ~1971 Studio colour
280   ~1972 Studio colour, budget
287   ~1972 Studio colour, budget
290   ~1975 Portable colour, backpack
310   ~1979 Portable colour, electronics pack
330   ~1979 Portable colour, electronics pack
340   ~1979 ENG colour, with VTR adaptor
Americam   ~1980 Studio colour, based on 300 series
Foton   1982 Studio colour, 25mm tubes, micro,

(1) Notes: Dates are tricky!, do you take the design date or the date entered service? It's all a bit vague.
"I.O." is the abbreviation for Image Orthicon, a large camera tube in 3 inch and 4.5 inch sizes.
"Plumbicon" is a registered trade mark of Philips, as well as being a Lead Oxide camera tube!

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