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Dage television camera model numbers

Model number Comments Date (1) Description & technology
Dage 60 60B 62A 63A < 1959 CCTV or caption, mono, vidicon, valve
Dage 81     CCTV, mono, Image Orthicon,
Dage 70-B   1960 CCTV, mono, vidicon, hybrid
Dage 101-A 101AF (focus control) < 1959 Budget Studio, mono, vidicon, valve
Dage 103 Later Dage 103B < 1959 Studio, mono, vidicon, valve. Junior Pro sys.
Dage 300D   c. 1954 Studio, mono, vidicon, valve
Dage 320-A   c. 1959 Budget Studio, mono, vidicon, valve
Dage 320-B   1959 Budget Studio, mono, vidicon, valve
Dage 333   < 1960 Closed Circuit, vidicon, mono, transistor
Dage 334   < 1960 Small studio/portable camera with reflex viewfinder, vidicon, transistor
Teletran   < 1960 Radio camera system based on Dage 334 camera, self contained.
Dage 720   < 1959 Telecine channel
Dage 750-A   < 1959 Telecine channel, colour, vidicon
Dage 520   1966 advert Educational, mono, vidicon, transistor.
Dage 800   ? Educational, mono, vidicon, transistor. A two piece camera with separate viewfinder and camera body.

(1) Notes: Dates are tricky!, do you take the design date or the date entered service? It's all a bit vague.
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Dage Television was founded in 1952 as a manufacturer of closed circuit television equipment.
Dage Cameras were made by “Thompson Ramo Wooldridge, Michigan City, Indiana, USA” ( in 1961)
The Dage camera line continues to this day and claims to be the oldest camera manufacturer in the USA.

Dage-MTI. 701 North Roeske Avenue Michigan City, IN 46360,USA

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