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EMI 2001 camera

EMI 2001 Television Camera

The famous EMI 2001 shown here in standard from, as supplied by EMI. Cameras that were used by the BBC had modified viewfinder mounting arrangements. Early cameras had valve head amplifiers and integral mesh tubes. Later cameras, with the designation 2001/1, had FET head amplifiers and separate mesh tubes.

The early descriptions referred to the EMI 2001 camera as using "four lead oxide vidicons". Whilst this is strictly correct it may have led to some confusion as a lead oxide vidicon is more commonly called a Leddicon or Plumbicon (tm Philips). As far as I have been able to determine the 2001 has always used 30mm. lead oxide tubes and there is no evidence for the supposed predecessor, the EMI 2000. Brian Summers.

The Royal Television Society journal reports in Vol.12 No. 5 page 114 that " by early 1969
EMI had sold over 200 2001 cameras", later reports say a total of 350 were sold.