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General Electric Television Camera model numbers

Model number Comments Date (1) Description & technology
  page under construction !!    
PC-4     Studio, mono, I.O. valve
PC-9-A camera head only   Forms part of PE-14-A camera channel
PE-14-A   Pre. 1959 Studio, mono, vidicon, valve. TV992A V/finder
PE-15-A   Pre. 1959 Studio, colour, I.O., valve/transistor hybrid
PE-17-A   Pre. 1959 Studio, mono, I.O. valve/transistor hybrid
PE-20-A   1962 Studio camera with 3" I.O. tube, 8" viewfinder, Transistorised. G.E ad in "Broadcasting" 26 March 1962 page 80/81
PE-20-B   1962 Studio camera with 4.5" I.O. tube, 8" viewfinder, Transistorised. G.E ad in "Broadcasting" 26 March 1962 page 80/81
PE-23 Brochure 1964 ?? Studio, mono, vidicon, transistor, 4 lens turret.
PE-24     Telecine, colour, 4x vidicons
PE-25     Studio, colour, 3 x I.O.
PE-27     Telecine
PE-29     Mono
PE-201   c. 1973 Telecine, "low-cost" (report SMPTE May 1973 p370)
PE-240     Telecine, colour, 4x vidicons
PE-245   1973 Telecine, an undated PE-240 (report SMPTE May 1973 p370)
PE-250   c. 1966 Studio, colour, 1 x I.O. + 3 x vidicons
PE-350   c. 1965 Studio, colour
TG2   mid 1950s Studio, mono, vidicon, valve
Type 1??   Mid 1950s Studio, mono, I.O. valve
Type 2 ?? colour wheel Mid 1950s Studio, colour, I.O. valve
TE-201 zoom   Studio, mono, vidicon, transistor.
4TE24B1     Studio, mono, Industrial

(1) Notes: Dates are tricky!, do you take the design date or the date entered service? It's all a bit vague.
(2) "I.O." is the abbreviation for Image Orthicon, a large camera tube in 3 inch and 4.5 inch sizes.
(3) "Plumbicon" is a registered trade mark of Philips, as well as being a Lead Oxide camera tube!

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