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Harris Gates Television Camera Model List (2)

Model number Comments Date (1) Description & technology
   Under construction    
PE-245 4 tube camera c. 1977? Telecine, colour, Vidicon
PE-250   c. 1966  
PE-400 4 tube camera late 1960s Studio, colour, lead oxide, transistor & I.C.
TC-3   Pre. 1977 ENG, colour, with backpack.
TC-50   1975 Studio/OB, colour, 3x lead oxide,
TC-50B   c. 1981 Studio/OB, colour, 3x lead oxide,
TC-80   c. 1976-80 Studio, colour, lead oxide
TC-85   1981 Studio, colour, 3x 25mm lead oxide, Microcomputers.
TC-90 Claimed low weight 1982 ENG/EFP, colour, lead oxide
TE-201     Studio, colour, lead oxide
TE-202     Telecine, colour, lead oxide
TE-300 same as TE-301 but no viewfinder   Studio, colour, lead oxide
TE-301     Studio, colour, lead oxide
TF-100     Telecine, colour, lead oxide/vidicon, transistor

(1) Dates are tricky!, do you take the design date or the date entered service? It's all a bit vague.
(2) In 1966 Gates Division, Harris-Intertype Corporation, USA

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