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Notes:- The IVC 7000p is an example of an early portable camera of the "two box" solution. The camera head has only the essential electronics and everything else is in an "electronics pack" located close by. After a few early teething troubles the camera proved robust and reliable, for the state of the art at that time. Quite heavy, It could be tripod mounted or man carried forward of the shoulder with a chest brace.

Index IVC 7000p

Camera body:-

Page 01Camera front view
Page 02Camera rear view
Page 03 Camera side view
Page 04Camera tube side open
Page 05Dichroic colour separation block
Page 06Small Viewfinder close up
Page 07Camera cable connections
Page 08
Page 09

Lens systems
Page 10Large lens frame & viewfinder
Page 11Large lens frame details
Page 12Fuginon Lens for IVC 7000p
Page 13
Page 14
Page 15
Page 16
Page 17


Page 18Camera Electronics Pack
Page 19Camera Electronics Pack open
Page 20 Close up of main set up control panel
Page 21Electronics pack main connections
Page 22Electronics pack aux outputs.
Page 23Camera Base unit and PSU
Page 24Camera base unit rear view
Page 25Camera operational control panel
Page 26Camera operational control panel rear view
Page 27
Page 28
Page 29 IVC flight case foam problem

Informal pictures:-

Page 30
Page 31 Camera in operation #1, Trillion IVC 7000p on a shoot
Page 32 Camera in operation #2, Trillion.
Page 33 Camera in operation #3, Telluloid.

Extra pages:-

Page 34
Page 35



DataSheet :-            IVC 7000p Datasheet

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Restoration and preservation:-

E-Mails received:-  E-Mails, page 1


Brochures:-            IVC 7000p Brochure


Adverts:-                 IVC 7000p Advert


Used By:-  Grampian TV (North Scotland), Thames TV (UK), London Weekend TV (UK),                      Southern TV (UK), Trillion TV (UK), Telluloid (UK),
                     A total of 21 IVC 7000P are now in the UK, reported in march 1978.



Survivors List:- One in the museums collection plus at least one other.





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