Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

The Philips LDk25 camera is the multicore cable version of the LDK5. It used TV-36 or F&G 752-5 cables instead of Triax. There are a number of other differences and simplifications in the camera but the CCU and PSU are completely different from the LDK5s base station.
I am not sure of the date that the LDK25 was introduced, the earliest reference I have found is spring 1975, so c.1974 seems plausible.

The early "A" version was possibly made by Norelco and it has different frame and panel castings. It used round "military" connectors to interconnect the CCU, PSU and local control panel. The later "B" version used european rectangular "MRAC" connectors.

For the american market the Norelco LDK25 had the (option?) of a TV81 camera cable connector. There are pictures of both camera styles in this section.

The Philips LDK15 was the portable companion camera that used the same CCU, PSU & local control panel.

Page 01 Left side full view
Page 02 Right side 45 degree
Page 03 Right side open showing plug in modules
Page 04 Left side open showing plug in modules
Page 05 Rear view open showing plug in modules
Page 06 Top view showing scanning yokes
Page 07 Front view CCU and PSU
Page 08 CCU front open showing plug in modules
Page 09 Remote control panel
Page 10 Image of lens rear and control panel connectors
Page 11 Schneider - Kreuzach "Varigon" lens
Page 12 The other LDK25-A body style, left side
Page 13 CCU rear with connectors
Page 14 Informal picture

LDK25-A Brochure
LDK25-B Brochure

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