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Philips "EL" Model Numbers list
This is a listing of the "EL xxxx" range of camera and video equipment
Model Number Comments Date (1) Description & technology Broadcast Cameras
EL 3402 Desk top machine   1" Video Recorder, mono 525/60 or 625/50 option
EL 5730 165x115x290mm. 4.3Kg 1960? Camera, vidicon, 3 valves, C mount lens, 625 Lines
EL 5732/00 open constriction 1960 14" picture monitor, high quality, 19 valves, 625 Lines
EL 5741   1960 Case for EL 5732 as a separate item.
EL 5745/10 to /30   1960? Range of lenses for EL5730
EL 5748 220x500x510mm. 36kg 1960? CCU for EL 5730, 42 valves, 625 lines
EL 5749     14" picture monitor, high quality, cased version of EL 5732
EL 5765 Eidophor c.1963 Field sequential colour large screen projector (35sq M)
EL 5770 Free standing units c.1961 Large screen TV projector, mono
EL 5795 Free standing units   Large Screen TV projector, colour
EL 8000 92H x175W x315D mm. c. 1961 Compact TV camera, transistor, vidicon, nuvistor head amp.
EL 8010 103H x175W x315D mm. 1962 H.Q. camera, mono, vidicon, transistor,
EL 8015 92H x175W x315D mm. 1962 CCU for EL 8010, transistor.
EL 8020   1965(ref 2) Studio camera, monochrome, Plumbicon, transistor
EL 8090 Full rack cabinet   Automatic slide scanner
EL 8100     6.5 inch mono monitor, transistor, good quality. V/F for EL8000.
EL 8111   c. 1969 11 inch mono monitor
EL 8119   c. 1969 19 inch mono monitor
EL 8125   c. 1969 25 inch mono monitor
EL 8200 small desk unit   Video selector, 5 x 1, mechanical switches.
EL 8205 92H x175W x315D mm.   Distribution amplifier x 4
EL 8210     Automatic diaphragm unit for use with EL 8000 camera
EL 8220 92H x175W x315D mm.   Video switching matrix 8 x 5
EL 8250 92H x175W x315D mm.   SPG, transistor, xtal, 525/60 or 625/50L
EL 8255 desk inset unit 1968 Video Mixer, 8 inputs, preview & AB mix. Also Norelo
El 8304/83   c.1962 Zoom Lens, f1.8, 25-100mm. C-mount
EL 8362     16mm. Film adaptor.
EL 8371     Electronic blackboard ( caption scanning device)
EL 8390     Mounting trays, various.
EL 8399     Still film camera adaptor, to fit EL 8100 monitor
EL 8400     Diascope projector for "C" mount. Used with EL 8000 camera
EL 8410 92H x175W x315D mm.   Waveform monitor, 7 cm. screen
EL 8505 Full rack cabinet   Flying spot colour slide scanner
EL 8521 see PC60 camera   3 Plumbicon studio colour camera
EL 8526     CCU for PC60/EL8521 camera
EL 8560 Rack mounting possible c. 1970 19 inch colour monitor, Hybrid, grade 1.
EL 8601 3 x 2U rack units   NTSC colour encoder
EL 8602 3U rack unit   Waveform monitor, colour,
EL 8700 92H x175W x315D mm.   Colour bar generator, RGB outputs, transistor
GM 4935   1960? Control box for GM 4936
GM 4936   1960? Remote controlled Pan & Tilt Head
GM4948/50 cased 30x45x48cm 1965? CCU for GM4990 camera, 625 lines, 41 valves.
GM 4949/35 cased 33x45x51cm. 1962? 14" picture monitor, 625 lines, 18 Valves
GM 4990 Tube 262L x 55Dia. mm 1965? Camera, vidicon type PTW135, 3 transistors,

(1) Notes: Dates are tricky!, do you take the design date or the date entered service? It's all a bit vague.
Ref 2. The History of Television, Abramson, page 107

"I.O." is the abbreviation for Image Orthicon, a large camera tube in 3 inch and 4.5 inch sizes.
"Plumbicon" is a registered trade mark of Philips, as well as being a Lead Oxide camera tube!

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