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Philips Television Cameras and Equipment List
Model number Comments Date (1) Description & technology Cameras and Equipment
LDH1 similar to LDK 2   Compact colour camera, self contained.
LDH0050   1969?? Mini compact camera, mono, vidicon, transistor
LDH0150 same style as EL8000 1968?? Multi purpose camera chain, mono, vidicon, transistor, with CCU.
LDH200 based on LDH150 ~1970 Studio, Mono camera, plumbicon, transistor.
LDH 2151   c.1970 14 monchrome studio monitor, Grade 1
LDH2200     22inch colour monitor delta tube
LDH4200 Desk top inset unit   Colour switcher/fader, 10 inputs, preview, AB mix.
LDH6200     14 inch colour monitor in-line tube


LDH10/20 or LDH1 ~1972 Studio/Telecine, colour, Plumbicon, transistor
LDK3 LDK4800 1966 Studio, colour, Plumbicon, transistor
LDK5 (A & B)   1971-81 Studio, colour, Plumbicon, IC
LDK6 (A)   1982 Studio, colour, Plumbicon, microprocessor
LDK9P See BTS    
LDK10 See BTS    
LDK10P See BTS    
LDK11 +Backpack ~1976 ENG, colour, Plumbicon, transistor
LDK12     ENG, colour, Saticon, microprocessor
LDK13 +Backpack 1968 ENG, colour, Plumbicon, transistor
LDK14 (S & SL) 1977 ENG, colour, Plumbicon, IC
LDK15   1973 ENG, colour, Plumbicon, IC + Hip Pack
LDK15L   196-7 ENG, colour, Plumbicon, IC + Hip Pack
LDK20 See BTS   Multi-role portable colour, CCD, micro.
LDK23 See BTS   Hi speed camera system (super slow-mo)
LDK25 (A & B) c. 1974 Studio, colour, Plumbicon, IC
LDK26 (A) 1982 Studio, colour, Plumbicon, microprocessor
LDK33   > 1970 Telecine/caption, colour, Plumbicon, transistor
LDK44 also "Video 80" ~1981 Studio/ENG colour, Plumbicon, transistor
LDK54 (A)   Multi role portable colour, Plumbicon, micro.
LDK63     Telecine, colour,
LDK65 based on LDK5 modules 1979 Telecine, colour, Plumbicon, IC.
LDK90 See BTS 1987 Multi-role portable colour, CCD, micro.
LDK91 See BTS   Multi-role portable colour, CCD, micro.
LDK93 See BTS   Multi-role portable colour, CCD, micro.
LDK100 See BTS c. 2004 LDK120 body with LDK100 dockable triax back.
LDK110 Philips/BTS   Digital DVCPro Camcorder
LDK120 See BTS c. 2004? DVCPRO dockable camcorder, colour, CCD, micro.
LDK140 Philips/BTS   Digital DVCPro50 Camcorder
LDK150 Philips/BTS   12 bit Digital DVCPro50 Camcorder
LDK200 Philips/BTS c. 2002 12 bit Hi res digital camera
LDK491 See BTS    
LDK514 Philips 1979 Portable interface unit for LDK14 to LDK5 base station
LDK614     Multirole portable colour, Plumbicon, micro.
LDK700 See BTS   DVCPRO camcorder, colour, CCD, micro,
LDK910 See BTS    
LDK2000 Philips/BTS   Digital "TrueFrame" progessive camera
LDK4100 Philips   Distribution amplifier assembly
LDK 4210 Philips   Colour Synchronising Generator.
LDK4910 Philips c. 1970 Colour waveform monitor, 3U rack unit.
LDK6000 Philips/BTS   Native Multi-Format HDTV camera
LDK9000 See BTS    
LDL 1000 Plastic portable case c. 1970? Video Recorder, mono, 1/2 inch, transistor
LDL 1002 Wood effect case c. 1970? Video Recorder, mono, 1/2 inch, transistor
LDM0090 Pye   Audio compression amplifier
LDM42 See Pye 1968? Studio, monochrome, Plumbicon, transistor.
LDM53 See Pye 1964 Studio, monochrome, I.O. transistor.
LDM58     35mm. Telecine Projector
LDM59     16mm. Telecine Projector
LDM71 See Pye 1967 est. CCTV, monochrome, vidicon, transistor.
LDM80 See Pye   Telecine, monochrome, vidicon, transistor.
LDM650   1977 Complete telecine system using LDK65 camera
LDM1004     Caption cube based on LDM71
LDM 1050 Pye, Late model   15 inch mono monitor
LDM1051 Pye, Late model   11 inch mono monitor
LDM1111 Philips   Video distribution amplifier
LDM1118 Philips   Line Clamp video distribution amplifier
LDM1159 Pye   Video jackfield, 20 way BNCs on rear.
LDM1253 See LDK2 1977?? Telecine camera based on LDK2
LDM1256 See LDK2   Telecine, mono to colour conversion
LDM 1257 See LDK2   Colour telecine system
LDM1261     Telecine twin 35mm. slide projector
LDM1263     16mm. Telecine Projector
LDM1300 Pye   OB unit colour, 4 camera
LDM1330 Pye   OB unit colour, 2 camera
LDM1360 Pye   OB unit Sound. Bedford CF
LDM1365 Pye   OB unit Sound, LWB Landrover
LDM1447 Pye Range 70   Colour Processing amplifier
LDM1500 Pye   Video distribution amplifier
LDM1801 Pye Range 70   Sound in Sync coder
LDM1803 Pye Range 70   Sound in Sync decoder
LDM1806     Sound in sync monitor unit
LDM1911 Philips   11 inch mono monitor illuminant "D"
LDM1915 Philips   15 inch mono monitor illuminant "D"
LDM1927     Auto centring unit for 3 tube cameras
LDM1999     Colour large screen projector, solid state, 3 tube
LDM3001     Digital Noise Reducer
LDM3003     Adaptive comb filter decoder
LDN5006 Philips   19 inch colour monitor, precision grade
PC60 See Norelco 1965 Studio, colour, Plumbicon, transistor.
PC70 See Norelco   Studio, colour, Plumbicon, transistor.
PC72 See Norelco   Studio, colour, Plumbicon, transistor.
PC80 See Norelco   Studio, colour, Plumbicon, transistor.
PC100 See Norelco 1970 (NAB) Studio, colour, Plumbicon, IC, Triax
PC100A See Norelco 1972 Studio, colour, Plumbicon, IC, Triax
PCP70 See Norelco 1968 Portable(sic), colour, Plumbicon, transistor.
PCP90u See Norelco & Pye 1968 Portable(sic), colour, Plumbicon, transistor.
PCB-701     Industrial colour camera based on the LDK3
Photicon?? Twin lens 1949/51? Studio, mono, valve
Video 80 based on LDK44   Self contained colour camera system
Video 90      

(1) Notes: Dates are tricky!, do you take the design date or the date entered service? It's all a bit vague.
"Plumbicon" is a registered trade mark of Philips, as well as being a Lead Oxide camera tube!

Philips had many connections with other companies, so there is a lot of cross referencing with the model numbers

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